Xiexie Master - Windows PC - Download

World Champion Chinese Chess Program Xiexie Master - Windows PC - Download

*latest Version 2.5.18*

XieXie Master is the top Chinese Chess program in the world, having won the first computer Chinese Chess World championship in Taiwan in 2004. During this tournament, it was estimated that XieXie Master was an 8 Dan player, equivalent to 2450 Elo. Xiexie Master is the perfect opponent to Chinese Chess players of all abilities from absolute beginner to Grandmaster.

XieXie Master is ideal for helping beginners improve game after game. Special novice levels and Handicap games are included to start you off and to improve your game. Xiexie Master can play a few pieces down, and also supports the Iron pawns rule. You can let Xiexie Master analyse your games, and it can show you correct and incorrect moves in any given position. The great variety of commented games in Xiexie Master’s databases will provide enormous insight into opening strategy and moves for the beginner and intermediate player.

XieXie Master is also perfect for advanced players due to its immense play-strength and highly configurable chess engine and Graphical User Interface. Adjust piece values to change the style of play, adjust the Chinese chess knowledge, adjust Contempt factor, and toggle selective search to customise Xiexie Master to duplicate any style of play. Xiexie Master also provides Master level game analysis and commentary, and allows you to manage multiple databases of entire games, opening books and end-game books.

All in all, the perfect program for ANY player and all at a very reasonable price!

Xiexie Master features
- Respects complex Chinese chess repetition rules.
- Accepts move comments and annotations
- Adaptive levels (Computer AI can automatically adjust its level to match your level )
- Analyses your past games and shows you where you went wrong
- Reads games from internet Chinese chess site such as MoveSky or Club XiangQi.
- Plays games from any legal position
- Engine configuration options include size of hash tables, contempt factor, amount of knowledge used, piece value, AI learning and selective search.
- Learn from human players
- Score curve window
- Play human vs. human game
- Play human vs. computer game
- Various timing modes including time/game, time/move, fixed depth and infinite thinking
- Hint
- Supports AXF and WXF notation
- Endgame knowledge
- Next best move
- Printing
- Horizontal and vertical symmetries for the board representation
- Database support
- Book names recognition
- Allow you to build your own opening book
- Support several books simultaneously
- “drag and drop” click or “click-click” move input
- Mulit-lingual product supports English, French, German, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese

Changes in XieXie 2.5.18 :

  • Evaluation bugs fixed
  • Better opening book
  • Search engine improved : faster and safer
  • Graphics have been enhanced
  • Bugs in the book generator has been fixed : some bad game files were read.
  • Support of exotic chinese FEN notations so it can exchange positions with other chinese chesss programs.

System requirements
PC with a fast processor (Athlon XP or Intel Pentium IV)
128 MB of RAM or more
a sound card for the sound effects and the tutorial commentary
XieXie runs under Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.
XieXie is able to run under Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium but with some minor graphics bugs.

Minimum system requirements
PC with a 486 DX2 66 processor and 64 MB of RAM.
Please note that XieXie will run under such a system but needs more powerful hardware to play at full strength.

Xiexie Master User Manual
You can download the Xiexie Master user manual here free of charge. When you click the link, the manual will open automatically. You will have the option to save the manual to your hard disk, but if you do not do this, simply return to the Xiexie Master Download page at the trading centre, and start again.

Important Installation Information for Xiexie Master Download:
Once you have downloaded your copy of Xiexie Master, you will need to apply for an unlock key from the publisher. In order to do this, first you will need to install Xiexie Master, and then run it. Once Xiexie Master has been run, the program will generate a licence file "licence2.5.18.bin" which you will find in the installation's directory (by default this directory is C:\xiexiemaster2.5\). Please return this file as an attachment to the publisher as per the email address provided within Xiexie Master, and they will unlock the product for you. Please note that license keys are not transferable to other PCs, so if you wish to install Xiexie Master on more than one PC, you will need to send a license file "licence2.5.14.bin" that has been generated on each target PC.

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