Shogi for Beginners

Shogi for Beginners by John Fairbairn

Shogi, the Japanese version of Chess, with more that 15,000,000 adherents, is one of the most popular variants of chess in the world. It is true that shogi is played mainly in Japan but for a game to have attracted such a large and devoted following, with extensive newspaper and television coverage, it must have an appeal that transcends ordinary games. Without doubt, it ranks alongside chess and go as one of the three great classic board gaes.

Shogi for Beginners explains the rules and strategies of shogi clearly and in detail. It covers everything you need to know, from the opening through the endgame, so that you can start playing right away.

ISBN 4906574971
Publication Date 28/02/1999
Pages 170
Imprint Japan Publications Trading Co
Publisher Japan Publications Trading Co
Binding paperback

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