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Please note - Omar Sharif Bridge is not compatible with Windows Vista. Please do not purchase this product for a PC running Windows Vista. Instead, we recommend the superior Jack Bridge available here.

Whether you are a novice or expert, Omar Sharif Bridge is just what you have been waiting for! Omar Sharif Bridge is the very latest in AI Factory’s best-selling series of Bridge software titles, and is the result of 15 years of intensive development. AI Factory’s most advanced artificial intelligence brings you its strongest computer opponent to date. The in-depth tutorial will guide the complete beginner through the basic rules and strategies and provide insight into the subtleties of master play of the world's most challenging card game. Also included is an extensive database of 100 bridge hands which will provide an in-depth insight for the intermediate player. It is implemented in a good looking and easy-to-use environment, and is endorsed by Omar Sharif. 


· Omar Sharif endorsement and voiceovers,

· Full tutorial and extensive beginner's guide,

· Help file,

· Supports Acol, 5 Card majors and Standard American bidding systems,

· Editable bidding systems,

· Play any number of hands at table,

· Separate play options for both Beginner and Expert,

· Network games,

· 5 different card fronts and 10 card backs to create your own deck,

· 13 individual tabletops to choose from,

· 6 pieces of music to loop or randomise,

· Load and save hands,

· Manually enter hands, deal biased or random hands,

· Takeback and hint available.

Suitable for Pentium II or equivalent:

Windows 98/2000/XP


VGA or better 

You will be able to download this product immediately after ordering. This product's file size is approx. 5 Mbytes.

Instructions will be sent to you in your purchase confirmation mail.

Omar Sharif Bridge by AI Factory incorporates the well-known Oxford Bridge engine. It has had significant success in competition and is ranked among the serious Computer Bridge programs around. In 1998 an earlier version of this program (Omar Bridge) competed in a tournament with six other Bridge programs and the World Bridge Champion Zia Mahmood. Omar Bridge led the field jointly with Zia for several rounds and finished joint top among the computer opponents.

Omar Sharif, one of the world's best known bridge players, with a syndicated newspaper column, and several bridge books to his name, is the natural choice to be linked with this strong bridge program. His endorsement is greatly enhanced by his recorded commentary, providing both bidding and play information.

Omar Sharif Bridge allows you to play Acol, 5 Card majors and Standard American, with the more advanced option of editing conventions and saving them to use as custom systems.
There are separate Beginner and Expert systems to choose from, and a full tutorial supplemented by an extensive beginner's guide for those new to the game. Scores and explanations can be displayed at any time, and takeback and hint are also available.
Omar Sharif Bridge can be set up with any combination of human and computer in the 4 play positions, with humans playing either on the same PC or networked.
Cards can be dealt at random, loaded from a previous save, biased towards either an individual or partnership, or entered manually.
Card packs are created by mixing and matching from 5 different card fronts and 10 backs, or hands can be displayed in ASCII symbols. You also have complete control over which hands are hidden and which displayed, and you can choose from 13 different tabletop backdrops to complete the look and feel of the game.
Additionally you can enhance your experience by choosing to loop or play randomly from 6 different pieces of music that accompany the game.
Any number of hands can be played at the table, and the game can be saved at any point to be reloaded later, or printed out for review.
All this is implemented in an easy-to-use interface, with authentic Piatnik card artwork.

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