Many Faces of Go v12 Windows PC Download Upgrade

Many Faces of Go v12 Windows PC Download Upgrade

Upgrade to v12 from v11 - Requires proof of previous purchase of The Many Face of Go v11 from The Trading Centre*

Many Faces of Go Version 12 Wins 2008 ICGA World Computer Go Championships

You can download and play this product immediately upon completion of secure credit card payment - full instructions at the bottom of the page.

The Many Faces of Go 12,  2008 World Computer Go Champion 19x19 and 9x9. This download is over 5 stones stronger than version 11, and has calibrated levels from 2 kyu to 18 kyu to track your strength. It combines the new Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm with the traditional knowledge-intensive techniques for a go player that is stronger than either.

It is one of the strongest Computer Go opponents in the world, and has what is regarded as the best user interface and tutorial in western Go software titles. Many other great features include an integrated IGS client so you can play on the internet, a sophisticated set of go problems and a Joseki tutor help you improve your game.

Includes all the learning tools, professional games, go problems, and go client from version 11, plus more.

Compatible with Windows XP, 2000, NT, Vista, 64-bit Vista, WINE, and other Windows emulation or virtualization software.

Major New Features in Version 12

  • World champion go engine, over 5 stones stronger than version 11.
  • Calibrated levels from 18 kyu to 2 kyu to automatically track your rank.
  • The 2 Kyu or better Monte Carlo level increases in strength with more time or a faster computer.
  • Multiple users can track playing strength by name.
  • Modern installer, using .msi.

Version 12 Features:

  • Great graphics. Beautiful and adjustable 3-D slate and clamshell stones with shadows, and realistic wood grain. You can rotate the board, or add coordinates. Won the "Best Design" award at the 1991 World Computer Go Championship.
  • Sound. Realistic clicks and capture sounds, and sounds for pass, IGS match, etc.
  • Strong go player. 6 levels of play, from 19 Kyu to 2 kyu. 1998 World Computer Go Champion.
  • Go tutorial. Over 100 screens of text, examples, and simple problems teach you the rules, elementary tactics and strategies.
  • Go problems. Over 2000 go problems for all levels of player. The program selects problems for you based on your strength, and tracks your strength as you solve them. Problems appear in different orientations and colors to aid learning. Go problems can be upated over the internet, and it is easy for you to add additional problems or problem sets.
  • Play go on the Internet. An Internet Go Server is built in so you can play go on the internet with the familiar Many Faces interface, and use its powerful editing features to comment your games.
  • Move suggestions. At each move it can show suggestions for next move, by category (such as attacking, invading, endgame, etc). Can also show liberty counts and/or group strengths for all groups. The computer can show its lookahead while it is thinking.
  • Game Score Graph. Graph your score at each move. Click on a move to go to that position.
  • Move hints. Suggests your best move.
  • Move explanations. Can explain why it made a move or suggested a move for you.
  • Computer solving of go problems. The computer can solve life and death problems in your games to help you improve.
  • Thousands of games to play through. Hundreds of professional games with commentary. About a thousand uncommented professional game records, organized by tournament. About a thousand commented amateur games from the Go Teaching Ladder. Over 4,000 uncommented very strong amateur games.
  • Powerful Game Editor. Can present for review any game in the standard Ishi format (.go) or the popular Smart Game Format (.sgf). When reviewing a game you can try to guess the next move. A wide variety of marks are supported. You can add commentary or variations. Use ctrl-click to move directly to any move in the game. Insert, delete, or drag stones to new positions. Great for recording your own games for later study.
  • Can play and score using all major rule sets (Japanese, Chinese, GOE, and American).
  • Can play either color, or serve as an electronic go board for two people.
  • Can give or receive a handicap.
  • Fuseki Libraries. Libraries of opening sequences on the whole board from professional games. At each position, shows the popularity of each next move. Two libraries are included, one which includes all moves from about 5700 professional games, and one which includes an additional 29,000 strong amateur games.
  • Joseki Tutor. Over 45,000 move library of standard corner sequences is available for browsing or testing. Includes joseki, near-joseki, trick plays, and responses to many bad moves. Use it to look up variations, or to test your joseki knowledge.
  • Play by modem. Uses the Computer Go standard modem protocol for play with any other go program that supports this protocol. Either player can make moves for either color,allowing discussion or teaching games. Players can type messages to each other during the game.
  • Printing of go diagrams or full games with numbered moves.
  • On-line manual with information on history, tournaments, professionals, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Strength Rating for the Many Faces of Go

Go ratings for amateurs are on a scale that starts around 25 Kyu for beginners, goes to 1 kyu, then 1 dan, then 6 dan or so for the strongest players. Most people who are serious about studying the game, and have stronger players to play with, can get to 10 kyu in about a year, and 1 dan in 3 to 5 years. American (AGA), Japanese, and NNGS ratings are a little weaker than ratings in China, Taiwan, Korea, Europe, and IGS.

Go programs are hard to rate accurately, since they each have areas of strength, and other areas of weakness compared to people. So far no one has made a go program that can learn from its mistakes, so once someone has played a few games against a program, they can change the handicap against it by several stones.

The older Many Faces of Go version 11 has a 6 Kyu diploma from the Japanese Nihon-Ki-in, based on test games against rated Japanese players and some sample play against a 9-dan professional. It had a rank on the NNGS server of   8 kyu.

Many Faces verison 12 maintains a rank of around 2 Kyu on KGS, based on hundreds of games against many different players.

In 2006 and 2007 a new breakthrough algorithm for computer go (Monte Carlo Tree Search), was developed in France.  This new approach plays thousands of pseudorandom games each second, and collects statistocs on the moves to choose where to play.  With very little go knowledge, this algorithm can beat any of the tradiotional, knowledge-based, go programs.  However the style of this new algorithm is strange.  Many Faces of Go, version 12 is the only program to combine the new search algorithm with the go knowledge from version 11.  This led to over 5 stones increase in playing strength.  At the 2008 ICGA world championship, the pure Monte Carlo programs beat all of the traditional programs, and Many Faces of Go version 12 beat all of the Monte Carlo and traditional programs.

System requirements:
IBM-PC or compatible
Pentium or faster
Windows NT, XP, 2000 or Vista
256 MB main memory
40 MB hard disk space.

Download / Installation Instructions
Important information; you will be emailed download instructions for your copy of Many Faces of Go. Once you have downloaded the self-extracting archive, please make a backup copy on CD for your own records. Upon installation, please ask to install a TRIAL SYSTEM. This will connect to verify your copy and then unlock it to create a fully functioning version. Including checking of previous version purchase.

Many Faces of Go is licensed for your own personal use only, and your copy is automatically encrypted by our secure copy protection. Illegal copies are easily traced and will automatically be disabled.  Please note that Many Faces of Go Download is protected by CopyMinder copy protection, which requires occasional internet access for verification purposes. If you are going to use Many Faces of Go Download on a laptop when travelling with no internet connection, the advice from CopyMinder is to run the Many Faces of Go Download before you leave home so that the copy protection will be refreshed.

*Upgrade purchases will be checked against the existing database of Customers who are currently licensed for v11. Having purchased v11 previously through The Trading Centre. Please contact us here if you have any questions.

The download size is about 40 megabytes.

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