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Chess is the most popular board game of the west. Chess Tal Classic is the program that came 10th in the 15th World Computer Championships in Paris, from a competing field of 34 programs. Its rating then was ELO 2404, putting it in the International Master category of strength. Chess Tal is unusual in that it models the attacking style of the infamous former World Champion Mikhail Tal, and is greatly favoured in many chess circles for its exciting human-like play style.


50 levels of skill weakening for non-master players,
6 time control levels: Blitz, Infinite, Average, Tournament, Matching and Exact time,
load/save options,
takeback/replay facility,
hint option,
6 different piece sets, each in both 3D and 2D,
piece animation and sound effects settings,
network connection,
help file,
adjustable screen layouts and sizes.


Suitable for Pentium II or equivalent:
Windows 98/2000/XP
VGA or better


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