Teach Yourself Backgammon - Michael Crane

Teach Yourself Backgammon

This is a practical and informative introduction to the world's most ancient yet enduring board game, Backgammon. Its hands-on approach starts with the end of game, explaining the object and how to get there. It then goes back to the start to give a step-by-step introduction to moves and strategies, with key tips on what moves to make and when. It offers practical 'you try' exercises, in addition to plenty of background information on the rules, the probabilities and the history of the game. Authored by the founder and director of the UK's biggest Backgammon society, BIBA, it also contains a full glossary and a section on how to play online and how to take it further and will become an essential companion for all would-be players of this fascinating game.

Author: Michael Crane

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